Support Us

24 ways to support the Prince George Symphony Orchestra

  1. Buy a ticket
  2. Volunteer to help at a performance (contact us by email)
  3. Bring a friend to a performance
  4. Sponsor a musician
  5. Like us on Facebook
  6. Write a letter to the Mayor about how much you support the PGSO (
  7. Make a contribution to our endowment fund at the Prince George Community Foundation
  8. Help us put up posters for our performances
  9. Follow us on Twitter
  10. Write a letter to your MLA about how much you like and support the PGSO ( or
  11. Tell a friend about the PGSO
  12. Sponsor a concert
  13. Convince your boss to sponsor a concert
  14. Host a visiting artist or musician
  15. Take out a life insurance policy and name the PGSO as the beneficiary
  16. Buy a season subscription
  17. Add a donation to your season subscription
  18. Donate a professional service to the PGSO (we especially need a photographer and painters)
  19. Attend a PGSO fundraiser
  20. Write a letter to you MP about how much you like and support the PGSO ( or
  21. Help us deliver our season brochures
  22. Bring a snack for the musicians to a rehearsal (contact us by email)
  23. Advertise in our programme (contact us by email)
  24. Buy a ticket!